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Emerging Local Plan

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First Draft Local Plan consultation (Regulation 18)

Consultation on the first draft Local Plan opened on 13 March 2024 and closed at 23:59 on 08 May 2024. The new Local Plan will eventually replace the Core Strategy and the Local Plan Part 2. The new Local Plan is presented as a single document, rather than being separate Local Plans covering strategy, allocation and detailed policies. The plan includes a strategy for development, including identifying needs for housing and economic development over the period to 2041. The plan also identifies land for development and other site-specific policies, as well as detailed policies to help determine planning applications. A summary of the first draft Local Plan (opens new window) can be viewed below. 

The consultation sought your views on the draft Local Plan and evidence base, invited submissions of sites from landowners for gypsy and traveller provision, provided an opportunity to submit further sites to be considered for Local Green Space designation and sought views on the potential introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy (opens new window).

The consultation also sought views on potential sites for development that could be allocated for new housing, commercial and other types of development and help meet development needs. The borough council will now consider and assess the comments received during the consultation period before consulting upon the final draft Local Plan. A timetable for the preparation of Local Plan documents is set out in the Local development scheme.

The Local Plan has not been formatted to be printed, though a printable version (PDF) [24MB] (opens new window)  of the Local Plan is also available. 

During the consultation the following events were held in addition to other focused workshops and focus groups 

  • 27 March 2024 - Online webinar event 
  • 15 April 2024 -  Great Yarmouth Town Hall drop-in event
  • 16 April 2024 - All Saints Parish Hall, Beach Road, Scratby drop-in event
  • 22 April 2024 - The Old School Village Centre, Green Lane, Bradwell drop-in event


Great Yarmouth First Draft Local Plan

View the Great Yarmouth First Draft Local Plan

Policies Map

View a map of policies contained within the Local Plan

Evidence Base

The evidence base provides supporting documents to the emerging local plan and is split into two sections: new evidence and previous evidence.

Summary of the first draft Local Plan

View a summary of the first draft Local Plan

Potential Community Infrastructure levy rates

Detail on the potential community infrastructure levy rates

Previous Stages

View previous stages of preparation of the emerging Local Plan

Great Yarmouth First Draft Local Plan (Print version)

A printable version of the Great Yarmouth First Draft Local Plan

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